Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Board of Ed on Level 5 schools

Here's the report
comment on what a difference having it be the second year of the plan rather than the first
at least two weeks of PD, some had three
families coming back and choosing to be there
change in leadership at two of the schools
Stewart: issues around family and community engagement: how did they re-engage stakeholders?
is the Dever still doing a bilingual program?
program is offering Spanish for all students, as it was last year
on family engagement: person who is in that role, focused on outreach
18 buses come in, kids from all across Boston
not expecting parents to come into the school, having school come to the families
Morton: see best practices and share with each of the schools you were working with
Morgan lack of preschool: Morgan principal wanted preschool for kids from her neighborhood, so kids will stay and attend kindergarten

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