Thursday, September 3, 2015

SPECIAL: Students in Pursuit of Educational and Creative Integration via Alternative Learning

Dan Mahoney, Doherty '15
a lot of students who have very good experiences within our school systems, and some who do not
and bring those together
bring students from backgrounds that may not be advantageous to schools
to change the perceptions of our school systems
yet school offers a lot tot hem
bringing students together starting at the middle school level
how neighborhoods come together
O'Connell: strikes at a key area of need for our school system
bring difficult issues to school and make it difficult for them to do well
allow for tutoring opportunities
a package done in just the right manner
Mahoney: more than a mentorship, but a friendship, bridging the gap
Novick: refer to secondary principals for discussion and needs for implementation
Foley: not just academic, college and career readiness
high school students who have college on the radar and middle schoolers who may not
Ramirez: kids who are lost on the first day
Monfredo: what is needed to continue?
Mahoney: referral to administration in working out feasibility
so it's sufficient and works well

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