Monday, November 3, 2014

Worcester School Committee meets Thursday, November 6

The Worcester School Committee has a regular meeting on Thursday, November 3 at 7 pm. You can find the agenda here.
After recognitions, we have the Superintendent's presentation of her summative evaluation. You can find the (massive) backup for that here. The School Committee will present their evaluation at the next meeting on Thursday, November 20.
We have the reports of both the Joint Committee and Finance and Operations. (In both cases, the notes start with that blog post and go forward.)
We have a response coming back on site councils.
We have a response on internships.
We have a response coming back on kindergartners on buses.
We have several congratulations being offered: students in the Columbus Day art contest; Rob Pezzella for his selection as "Changemaker for Children" from YOU, Inc; for a donation to Norrback Elementary.
We're sending the city's Byrne grant to Governance.
We have an item on the proposed changes to the teacher licensure system (on which I have posted at length). Note that right now, the proposal is to send this to the Governance subcommittee.
Miss Biancheria is asking about MCAS overrides.
She'd also like a report on coordination with the Department of Public Health on flu and Ebola.
There's a request for a report on CSX donations on Grafton Hill.
We have the quarterly special education collaborative report to consider.
There are several more proposals for congratulations--Burncoat Field Hockey; North High Health Science; South High--all connnected to Channel 5's broadcast here last week.
Administration is sending an elementary report card item to subcommittee (there's no backup; it's for updates as the pilot rolls forward).
We're being asked to approve a six year, $1.8 million contract with Houghton Mifflin for the "Go, Math!" program, being piloted this year.
We are being asked to approve two prior year payments:1,439.86 for an Instructional Assistant and $7,468.00 for an EAW Unit B administration.
We're being asked to accept a $900 donation from Agriculture in the Classroom to Worcester Tech's Biosphere.
Mr. O'Connell is sending part of the Council of Great City School's statement around standardized testing to Accountability. 
Mr. Monfredo would like to congratulate Woodland and Union Hill for receiving the Apple grant.
Miss Biancheria would like an update on dealing with arrests and youth violence.
And we're being asked to accept $13,000 from Millbury Savings Bank for Vernon Hill ($5000) and Quinsigamond School ($8000), as part of their five year commitment to those schools.

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