Thursday, November 6, 2014

Teacher Licensure before Worcester School Committee

Note that this is going to Governance

EAW president:
The EAW and MTA strongly oppose any proposal that would tie educator evaluation to licensure
"We strongly oppose all three models…linking performance to licensure is wrong”
State’s job is to determine if a teacher qualified
Overreach by state
“too many mandates on top of too many mandates”
Malone has said “trying to drink water from a fire hose”
Why so urgent to do it at this time?
Katherine Whalen: “fast pace and we can’t keep up with it”
Whether you’re an administrator, whether you’re a teacher, whether you’re an IA…
Quote from Research Bureau “Commonwealth should not rely on test scores for broad systemic outcomes”
“I would prefer heat at all our…schools, I would prefer paper…our children are on technology all day long…technology doesn’t improve education”
Caitlin McCarthy: “they’re honestly about money”
Teachers will start losing their licensures forever
Creating a churn and burn environment
“disgrace to allow outside those…who don’t answer to voters to make these decisions”
O’Connell: particularly germain to a school committee
Proposal that is the opposite of what is what you and I are used to as lawyers
License can be ended if particular factors are not in the teacher’s favor at that particular time
Still a real risk that teachers whose license depends on scores that their students may achieve may choose to work elsewhere

Teachers may choose to leave the state or may choose to work elsewhere
Monfredo: agree with tonight’s speakers
How can anyone connect teacher evaluation to licensure?

Ask that a letter be sent out to our Commissioner to rethink this proposal

Novick: need to take this up promptly, as this is moving
concerns beyond those expressed with barring people from entering the profession; lengthy difficult process
costly to keep the licenses up

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