Thursday, November 6, 2014

Superintendent Boone self-evaluation

We've got a PowerPoint which doesn't seem to be online
Focusing on goals agreed upon with School Committee

focus on public communication and improvement in positive media reports
reports in T&G: 36 articles form last year to 86 this past year
Chronicle and Channel 5 day spent in Worcester
revising Channel 11 programming this year as part of this work

2% reduction in the proficiency gap in ELA on 2014 MCAS scores
grade level professional development for grade 10 and grade 4 (did K-3 and 9 last year)
did not meet the 2% reduction, but were on target for growth for all students and for several subgroups
2.7% reduction in the proficiency gap in math
did not make this goal, but did make on target growth and hit it for several subgroups

revision of accountability system to align with district improvement targets and practices
what are the data sets and what are the alignment to focus on raising the bar for our students
district literacy plan
Head Start grant attained again
electronic report card has been developed and is being piloted

attendence improve 1% from 95% to 96%
did not meet
Attendance matters campaign
individual schools have shown attendance improvements
"more students are changing in and out" (chronically absent one year but not the other)
found through deeper data analysis

exam school presented to School Committee November 20
in final draft stages

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