Thursday, November 6, 2014

Site Councils

O'Connell: does administration intend to provide the report as presented?
in fact some site councils have not yet been constituted
Rodrigues: have surveyed all our schools, except two: one this week, one November 10
reported that they have scheduled throughout the year
most have a regular schedule
O'Connell: when are they meeting? Can people who work 9-5 go?
Rodrigues: schools vary; they have surveyed their composition
O'Connell: when the site council is assembled at 8:30 in the morning are asked when they can meet, those there can meet at 8:30
will pursue this further independently
Rodrigues: principals typically survey parents as they are approached to be added to site councils
Boone: didn't want to give a partial report
will provide full information

Novick: have we updated website? We'll check.
give contact information for representatives on council, as well

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