Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Restraint and seclusion regs: Board of Ed

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Chester: put together data on where and how widely they're being used
"hoping to inform your deliberation at the December meeting" when they'll vote on changes
McKenna: main controversy is on prone restraint
are there other controversies?
DESE: new definition of time out, required training, required reporting of restraints
state current does not require reporting of all restraints only specific ones, though districts do. Change is that DESE would now get all
Stewart: getting any comments on compromise language?
Yes, there have been comments that have helped us "frame our way forward"
have received some specific language on alternatives
"very intense review, the public comment period"
will also make a copy of all public comment
Willyard: students all right with intent to update language, students not a fan of ban on prone restraint
are there other options that would update the language wihout banning prone restraint?
moving in parallel with early childhood board

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