Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Educator evaluation: Board of Ed

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Chester: "not yet including student impact ratings, we're rolling that in over the next couple of years, they'll be collected in 2015-16"
of all evaluated (admin, principals, teachers, etc) 86.5% proficient
"does not surprise me...I've started with the assumption that our educators are solid"
in Level 4 and 5 schools, 77.8% all educators proficient
Noyce: do we track those who got "needs improvement"?
Yes, have a unique identifier. Request for result
Chernow: twice as many educators in Level 4 and 5 schools needs improvement than in full population
last year's results for current Level 4 and 5 schools
Chernow wonders about by year results
Roach asking if people are staying in the profession after the first couple of years or if they're leaving, particularly if they needed improvement
McKenna: charter schools having teacher churn at higher rates
Roach: if we're going to want teachers in the lower performing schools, how to make sure that teachers want to be there, if you're tying things to compensation "because they will make the difference in these low performing schools"
Daniels: not surprised that needs improvement is higher in Level 4 and 5 schools: "my sense is that there is far more scrunity in these [Level 4 and 5] schools than there is in our other schools"
Stewart: is there a process for how student impact rating will move going forward?
Chester: information on website
"that's all going into effect as we speak"
Stewart: "would be really great if we could create some sort of impact rating for families, maybe particularly in Level 4 and 5s" interested in how we might do that
McKenna: if scores are lower in Level 4 and 5 because evaluation protocol is being applied in a different way, that's sort of troubling
"that shouldn't happen...it would give me cause for concern"
"it sounds to me as if that would need more training across the schools"
Chester: in that rating are schools that moved from Level 4 to 5, and some that are not as strong as it could be, so "it's not surprising that they some of that may be because maybe the teaching isn't as strong as it should be"
Chernow: that's why it would be interesting to pull out by year
McKenna: "so you've got a lot of apples, oranges, and grapefruits in here"
Chester: "and bananas"
Noyce: kids with high needs "may be seen by teachers as less favorable places to work"
look at this by those categories
"while we may have a wish that the best teachers are working in the most challenging schools, we don't have a way of making that happening. And maybe we don't want to have a way of doing that."

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