Thursday, November 20, 2014

Evaluation of the superintendent: updated with link to joint evaluation and key slides

I We just before the meeting got both the mayor's joint report and the individual committee member reports. The individual reports are not posted online.  The presentation of the mayor is here; I've posted some of the main slides below. You can click to make them bigger. My evaluation is here. 
Within the six performance goals set with the School Committee, there were five marks of exceeded, none of met, 8 of significant progress, 26 of some progress, and 3 did not meet (that's of 42 scores).

Note that within each of the four standards set by the state, there are a number of indicators that then yield that rating. So, for example, within Instructional Leadership, there are grades for Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, Evaluation, and Data-informed Decision Making.

For Standard II: Management & Operations, the indicators are Environment; Human Resources Management; Scheduling and Management Information Systems; Law, Ethics, and Policies; and Fiscal Systems.

Within Standard III: Family and Community Engagement, there are four indicators: Engagement; Sharing Responsibility; Communication; and Family Concerns.

Within Standard IV: Professional Culture, there are six indicators: Commitment to High Standards; Cultural Proficiency; Communication; Continuous Learning; Shared Vision; and Managing Conflict. 

Yielding...5 proficient and 2 needs improvement...which in turn yields a proficient rating.
Next up, a sampling of comments! 

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