Thursday, November 20, 2014


Biancheria: number of staff we have and where the funding came from
backup here
one IT member per 1300 users
would appreciate more information on that
paid IT interns a total of $68,892 (for four full year positions)
Boone: "often I've heard this committee talk about ways we can increase internships"
"really a cost efficient way for providing services"
"this $68,892 may have served as a single position, depending on what it is, and this is four people"
Allen: grant funded are all funded under Title I
has funded IT interns for eight years now, have had IT interns for 20 years
Biancheria: does it take away from other programs?
side note: our Title I allocation for this year is a total of $9.7 million
Boone: I have to ask what we're trying to accomplish here
Biancheria: this is a discussion, this is not criticism
Foley: we've saved money over the years through interns
gives college students experience, at the same time save us significant dollars
Allen: saved us a million dollars in development costs to do in house

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