Friday, November 7, 2014

DESE on overtesting

This just in from the Commissioner:
Over the course of the 2014–15 school year, ESE will be conducting a multi-part study of assessment practices in Massachusetts districts. The study includes three components: statewide surveys conducted by ESE and phone interviews and case studies conducted by a research vendor. From Oct. 1-10, superintendents and charter school leaders had the opportunity to participate in a voluntary survey regarding their districts’ assessment practices. Results of that survey are attached. Similar questions are also being asked on the post-event survey from last week's fall summit in order to obtain feedback from a greater variety of perspectives.
This winter, a research vendor will conduct phone interviews with staff in 40 to 60 districts to learn more about what types of assessments districts require, how much time students spend participating in testing, and how districts schedule MCAS tests. During the winter and spring, the research vendor will also conduct case studies in four districts to create an inventory of assessment practices in each district, analyze the inventory with district staff, and identify potential recommendations and best practices around what an effective, balanced assessment system should look like. Each case study district will receive an individualized report to use as it reflects on and refines its assessment practices. Districts interested in being a case study participant should contact Carrie Conaway, Associate Commissioner for Planning, Research, and Delivery Systems, at
As DESE generally doesn't post these updates until Monday, I've put the results of the survey here.

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