Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Level 5 schools

Chester: was positively impressed in each case
"saw very intentional work on upgrading curriculum"
tailoring work to students
differentiating work and supports
met with parents in each school: parents very positive about their experience, and many had been skeptics
Networking of these schools: receivers together each month to work on things of their interest
receivers would like to have observations of the schools among themselves
beginning to see some positive results
DiTufllio: really do need to know when we have an expiration date on these things
"people need to know that we're not going to be there forever"
"moreover people need to know that they're going to own it again"
"can't just say it's done when we say it's done"
Stewart: "how we sustain what we're talking about"
"if they were positive, they were very positive...there was at least one negative around not having an open house...with any turnaround, whatever goals we have should include family engagement goals"

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