Sunday, August 4, 2013

Your input needed!

As you've probably noted, we're a bit off-cycle with our annual evaluation of Superintendent Boone. Like all others in public education, the evaluation of the superintendent is switching over to the new system (that was brought in to stave off the Stand for Children ballot initiative...). As such, we're doing a midyear catchup, with our more formal evaluation in late November (which will be the new time that it is done each year after this one).
As we didn't get the superintendent's self-evaluation until less than two days before the meeting (and didn't have access to the backup until later than that), several of us, myself included, didn't respond at the last meeting. The item was held intentionally so that we might speak to it at our August meeting.
You can find the superintendent's self-evaluation here. Should you be interested, the backup documents are publicly available in the School Committee office on the first floor of DAB.
I am, as always, interested in your input. You can comment on this post, email me (novickt at, send me a message on Facebook, DM me on Twitter, call me, or stop me in the dairy aisle* at the supermarket.
And thanks!

*it's always the dairy aisle. Don't ask me why.

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