Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fence sitting

This morning, Diane Ravitch posted the news that North Carolina has become the latest state to drop out of inBloom:
Guilford County, N.C. told POLITICO on Wednesday that the state decided to stop using the service...
Guilford schools’ departure doesn’t put the project in any kind of jeopardy, inBloom said, although Louisiana withdrew in April and other states once affiliated with the project no longer are. That leaves New York, two Illinois districts and one Colorado district as firm participants for now; Massachusetts is on the fence.
emphasis mine

After I tweeted this earlier today, I urged Secretary Malone to reconsider Massachusetts' position:

After asking what I was talking about, he replied:

All right: bonus points for running with the fence metaphor, but clearly, the Secretary still needs, shall we say, a push.
Keep up the pressure, folks.

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