Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy back to school!

A few reminders:

  • While most students went back today, our kindergarten and preschool students don't start until next Tuesday (sorry, typo earlier!). All kindergarten students should have a screening appointment with their teachers this week; if your child doesn't have one, please contact your school.
  • Among the myriad of things that will be heading home for a parent signature this week is the Student Policy manual. You can find it online here in multiple languages. Signing it means that you've read it, so do give it a read and keep it around!
  • Remember that you can pay for school lunches online through the Parent Portal (YIKES! Which is down right now! I'll check it out and get back to you.).The price of school lunch for all students who pay full price is $1.65 this year; reduced price lunch remains 40 cents.
  • The WPS bus schedules are here. If you have a difficulty with your child's bus, CALL THE SCHOOL FIRST! There's a decent chance that whatever the issue is, it isn't just your child, and the school can turn it all in together. 
  • All schools have websites, 'though they vary WIDELY in how much is done with them. I've already today gotten some "I wish this was on there" type of comments; let me know if you have some to pass along!
  • If you text "follow @worcesterpublic" to 40404 on your phone, you will get the district's Twitter feed as text messages (just be sure you know your rate plan). What does this mean? School cancellations and postponements as a text message! 
As always, know that you can get in touch with the School Committee if you get stuck. 

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