Friday, August 16, 2013

We need a master plan

O'Brien: In meeting with MSBA, finding that we need a citywide master plan as we're making big submissions
"looking at all the facilities needs, all those needs, and all priorities"
"we've got the frameworks for that"
Economou: what are the priorities for that?
O'Brien: we're understanding that the City Manager has put forward $400,000 for a master plan in this capital budget
Foley: get it down, bring it back to the joint committee,then to respective bodies for discussion
hope to get it done by December
ask MSBA what they're looking to accomplish
how far ahead?
O'Brien: deferred maintenance needs list has been done
it was $72 million worth of work
set priorities of
Economou: why aren't parents sending kids to local high schools?
not getting any questions on high school
O'Brien: what sort of investment are surrounding communities making?
people are leaving to go to surrounding communities
Economou points out that West Boylston doesn't have a new building

Novick: note that MSBA expects master plans to include academics; buildings need to suit academics in building
want an honest plan: not by quadrant, not by district: what do we actually need?

Colorio: facade of school
want marketing: CD for good things that are happening in our schools
"perception is off right now"
may take five, ten years to get totally done; "in the meantime, great things happening in the schools"
Foley: falls upon all of us to market what is being done in our schools
suggests bringing CD idea back to Governance

Economou: if this is going to be in the hands of the Superintendent and the City Manager...has to be in the community
surveying of parents, talking to students and faculty in the buildings
formation of task force

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