Sunday, August 4, 2013

Rebellion in the ranks

In case you missed it: there's a rebellion going on in the alums of Teach for America. Previously known for going on to law school or med school, or (more destructively) becoming the next wave of ed "reform" leaders, there's now a growing movement of those leaving the TFA ranks and fighting against much of what TFA does and stands for. TruthOut has good coverage of not only the "what" by the "why."
Go figure: you take a group of college grads who have just spent the past four years being trained by elite colleges in research and critical thinking, indoctrinate them in non-researched based education theories that don't stand up to critical thinking, and then send them out to experience how poorly those theories work on the ground. And then they come back and argue that it's not working. Who could have foreseen that one?
And while you're reading thoughts on TFA, you might take a look at this--angry, and rightfully so--post from Jess Yarmosky, who has finished her TFA time and has some thoughts to share.

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