Friday, August 16, 2013

City capital budget as it relates to schools

Foley: $2.6 million for accelerated repairs, plus additional for other repairs, plus $400,000 for master plan(or so we are told), and the $500,000 for capital equipment
but we can't find it
we need to know the money is there
Allen: can't answer the details of the question (as it's the city's budget)
$2.6 million for city side of accelerated repair projects
capital equipment $500,000: $150,000 for computers and technology (non PC items); $240,000 for four school buses; $110,000 for facilities vehicles
O'Brien: MOTION money on technology

Novick asks that Council be given the breakdown on how the schools spend the $500,000 on capital and the $2.6 million on building repair

City Historical Commission has waited two weeks the city's request for a waiver on replacing the Heard Street roof; wants to deny the waiver
it's a slate roof; proposal is to replace with imitation slate

Novick: where is the master plan money?
does the City Council receive a breakdown on the age and functionality of the DPW/WPD/WFD fleets?
much talk here about aging fleets across the board
$125,000 for playground inspections is just parks (not schools)
no money in here for snowblowers, lawn mowers
$110,000 for facilities "rolling stock" is not sufficient
Much needed that will never rise to level of accelerated repair or major repair/replacement:

  • removal of underground storage tanks (from when we used oil)
  • univent heating repairs throughout the system
  • intercom and phone issues throughout the system
...just for starters....

O'Brien: money in FY14 city budget for transportation study and for spending within the school department
Foley done quickly
Novick: when the rest of the state asks these questions, they come to Worcester. We're going to have trouble finding outside experts on this, as we already employ them.

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