Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Worcester School Committee meets on Thursday

Our August meeting is this Thursday at 4 pm at City Hall. You can find the agenda here.
For those who us who didn't get a chance to talk over Superintendent Boone's evaluation, that is back on the agenda.To that end, here's what I went through last week:

more on that to come!
A big chunk of the agenda is the end-of-summer "we had people retire/go on leave/get hired" lists (good place to check for news of your school, 'though keep in mind that in some cases, people bid to retain the position they had last year).
We also are getting a report back on the One Library system (no backup on that as yet).
There's also the array of items coming in from School Committee members that you'd expect after a month: submitting several requests for funding sources that we've had emails about (peer mediation at Claremont, a cafeteria and culinary program for Challenge and Reach, a peer mediation training through Non-Violent Solutions), thanking the Doherty Booster Club for the great new sign, asking the state to weigh in on the indirect cost rate assessment of the city, looking at a bill on the dropout rate, requesting an update on the implementation of the Common Core, and paying a prior year payment of $108.48.
Also, we'll be going through the meeting we had last week with the Education Committee.

4 pm at City Hall!

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