Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Well said, Fort Wayne School Board!

Sorry for the flood of posts tonight; catching up on my reading!

Just had to share some of the excellent language from the Fort Wayne School Board, in their resolution disregarding the A-F school grading system brought to them by former Indiana State Superintendent Tony Bennett:
WHEREAS, the letter grade system is based upon student scores on the ISTEP examination without regard to numerous factors that affect those scores, including but not limited to the number of students living in poverty, the number of students learning the English language, the number of students with special needs, and the extent of parental involvement; 
and,WHEREAS, the Bennett A-F System ignores factors that the FWCS Board believes are of critical importance to parents selecting a school for their children, including but not limited to the school’s performance in narrowing the performance gap between various groups of students, the overall growth demonstrated by the students in the school, the skill and experience of the school’s building leaders, the attendance rates of its students and staff, awards won by the school’s staff, the extracurricular activities available to students, awards won by the students in the school, the disciplinary data collected for the school;
Good stuff; go read the rest!

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