Thursday, August 22, 2013

Superintendent's self-evaluation and goals

Notes from my comments here.
You can find the suggested goals here.

Colorio comment on switch from current system to PARCC and Common Core; how are we getting our system ready for these changes, and how are they being communicating to parents?
"I don't feel that security, I don't feel that security in the vision."
suggests five year goals
O'Connell: strong pressure to evaluate superintendent based on student test scores
"very extensive authority in terms of...shaping staff"
school culture as a means of raising student expectation
questions if positive media reports is important factor right now
He thinks it is
suggests change in "other" which is on an exam/specialized "and designed to meet the needs of academically gifted students"
Foley: mid-cycle review
supports idea of five year plan, suggests School Committee should develop such a plan
"too dry for me..." in goals
would like to see some strategic and systematic changes and directions: a narrative
Monfredo: urban system, proud of what we've accomplished
embrace the many accomplishments of this system
suggests reading on grade level a student priority
add chronic absenteeism reduction to the attendance goal
Biancheria: shared vision: to gather information from the community
stakeholders, solid partners
sharing responsibilities: anticipating that staff members are working correctly
"takes place as a learning piece"
"we had to move forward and we had to make some decisions"
Boone: progress towards those goals, not the finished project towards those goals
"focusing on those critical needs within the school system"
"will never be totally inclusive"
report of the superintendent: haven't been designed to be separate and distinct entities
actual evaluation document progress towards goals: four standards are all part of the total rubric
"nothing could be further from the truth than we don't listen to the teachers"
"the process is what we're learning to do best"
"not a single document or set of documents that represent the work of the district"
goals approved as amended

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