Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chandler Elementary fifth and sixth grade will be at the Y

We have just received the following from Dr. Rodrigues:
As you recall, we made provisions to lease building space to accommodate the increased student enrollment at Chandler Elementary School. A letter was sent to all parents of students in grades 5 and 6 notifying them of the location change for this school year (see attached). Principal Eressy is available to answer any questions parents may have and will host an open house for the students and their families prior to the start of the school year. Mrs. Eressy and her staff are working diligently to ensure a smooth transition to the Alden Building.

The letter reads as follows:
I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful summer!  I am writing this letter to tell you about a change that is happening here at Chandler Elementary for the upcoming school year.  We are so pleased that the enrollment continues to increase; this means our families value our school and want to keep their children here.  We currently have 451 students scheduled to attend Chandler next year. Due to this increased enrollment, the Worcester Public Schools has leased space for us at the Alden Building of the Central Branch of the YMCA, 766 Main Street.  Our grade 5 and 6 classrooms will be located there for the upcoming school year.  It is a beautiful space, with large, air-conditioned classrooms, a nice, grassy playground, and plenty of parking.  Mrs. Merchant, Mr. Levesque, Mrs. O’Rourke, and Mr. Smith are preparing to move to the new facility.  I want to assure you that nothing will change for your children except the location – they will still have art, music, physical education, and of course, will continue to be provided with any services that they require for language or special education support.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided at the Alden Building. Students will enter the building from the Murray Avenue entrance and proceed to the third floor.  This door will be secured at all times.  School entry and dismissal times will be the same as the main building, with students reporting at 7:45 a.m. and leaving at 3:25 p.m.  If your child is responsible for walking with a younger sibling, we will hold those siblings in the cafeteria until the older student arrives. I would like to invite you to tour the classrooms at Alden building prior to the start of school.  We will host an open house on Tuesday, August 27th from 2pm to 4pm.  I will also be available on Wednesday, August 21st from 9am to 12pm to answer any questions you may have, translators will available during this time.  In the meantime, if you would like to speak to me, feel free to call me at 508-799-3574. Thank you for your support as we continue to work together to Chandler the best place it can be for your students!

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