Thursday, August 22, 2013

One Library update

short version: still working on this , working with city on responsiblities, structural problems at Burncoat Prep, possible opening of others this fall
O'Connell: very grateful that there is progress being made on this
structural problems at Burncoat Prep
should there be an alternative location (as that neighborhood has a branch library)?
Boone: still discussing that; "haven't abandoned Burncoat Prep yet"
bring back operating principles back to committee as they're set
"I've not yet given the green light yet to these being operational"
improvements minor thus far
removed wall in Tatnuck Magnet
"not at a place where we're ready to declare victory and we're ready to open"
fundraising is well underway
also still working on the sibling of Libby
Biancheria: would we open one site without the others?
maybe rolling openings
Novick: appreciate due diligence, request to hold the item

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