Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer capital projects and Nelson Place

update from Bedard and Moosey
Mr. Moosey from DPW
boiler at New Citizens and Jacob Hiatt virtually done
new windows: Chandler is a two year project "very large amount of windows"
New Citizens should be done in the next few weeks (doors and such ongoing)
Lake View and May installed in the fall during non-school hours
those projects have to be done at the end of this year
October for Lake View, early December  for May Street

next round of accelerated repair: those projects should be approved in January (for payment)
windows for Worcester Arts, Columbus Park, Tatnuck Magnet, Worcester East Middle
Worcester East Middle getting roof and boiler as well
WEMS expected to be a two year project
"really in the infant stages"
"we're looking at over $13 million worth of work"
"city's contribution could be substantial"
City pays 20% of eligible items...and not all are eligible
"it's a good deal for the city"

Colorio: do we have an estimate of what we'll save in energy costs per building?
Bedard: working on that now
"certain thermal requirements on new windows"
MOTION to have that as a report
Colorio: windows that are in disrepair, "very happy to see this happen"
Allen: "energy efficiency is a bonus for us" replacing windows from the period during which PCBs were likely used in installation
O'Brien: accelerated repair is just windows, roofs, and boilers (so MSBA pays for 80%)
Moosey: MSBA's standards are very high on what windows, boilers, and such.

Nelson Place: moved into feasibility in the spring
selecting an Owner Project Manager: Tishman Construction approved on August 5
architect RFP has been done and is being reviewed by MSBA now
October meetings for architect: one for short list, one for interviewing short lists
have until May for preferred to handle Nelson Place
screening potential sites, reuse of existing site
if we get through that, design and construction in the spring

Rivera (via Economou): asking about UPCS and Goddard
Allen: looking at short term projects, repointing bricks this fall
longer term to plan: how to address?
Goddard, expected them to be next in accelerated repair
have new restrooms and paint
O'Brien: do we know how much on UPCS?
Allen: no, now going through NEASC report
can come back with report later

Moosey: Mayor calling full committee back together early fall
Novick: can we get updates as things happen through this process? from Moosey? from the Mayor?
O'Brien: letter home to parents of Nelson Place with update on the building project
plus meetings are public, so parents can attend
Economou: how we can be better informed to have the relevant information to bring forward?
update possibly at PTO at Nelson Place on where things stand

Rivera: more specific timelines on UPCS and Goddard
Allen: would have to supplant the three submitted high schools, some concern over size
Goddard in the next year or two of projects
"we're getting in to a situation where we need non-MSBA dollars to do non-MSBA work"
Goddard is "an imminent project"
Foley suggests prioritizing what needs to be done at UPCS more urgently
Rivera (via Economou) what can be done to expedite efficient repairs to that school

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