Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Worcester School Committee scheduled to meet tomorrow*

The Worcester School Committee is scheduled to meet tomorrow night at 7 pm at City Hall. You can find the agenda here.
The report of the Superintendent tomorrow night is from the Worcester Educational Development Foundation, the 501 (c) 3 which partners with the Worcester Public Schools. Tomorrow, they'll be doing a presentation to the School Committee on their strategic plan.
The Public Consulting Group is coming back with a report on Medicaid filings.
We also have a number of reports coming in from the Central Mass Special Education Collaborative, as (now) required by state law: a quarterly update, the annual report, financial statements, and an auditor's report.
We're sending the student policy handbook off to subcommittee for updating for next year (a tip: this is a good time to weigh in on policies you'd like to see added or changed!).
We're being asked to approve a prior year payment for athletic officials.
We also have several items going off for reports: apprenticeship agreements, data charts on graduation rates, crosswalk clearing, and several fiscal request for the city auditor to weigh in on.

*No, I don't know anything otherwise.I'm watching the same weather reports you are!

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