Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Board of Ed on "Career Development Spectrum"

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11th and 12th grade is about "career immersion activities"
career development activities (lower high school and middle school)
career awareness activities (elementary)

Wow. So we're apparently completely ignoring that most adults now change careers multiple times over the course of their life now, and having sixteen year olds decide what they want to do for their lives?

increase students participate in career development : goal for 70% of high schools offer opportunities for "active career development activities"...connected to teaching and learning
"we do not have a universal collection system...trying to secure a universal collection system"
Chester clarifies that what is being presented is school data, not student data
"more schools participating, more students in those schools participating"
"increase capacity of Connecting Activities...we do have a Five Point Plan..."
Could we start making it a requirement that everyone do a bit of 20th century world history before they do these presentations? Because Five Point plans have a bad history
internships, job opportunities, ..."to really be proficient in the workplace readiness domain"

"rollout career pathways, that's the Pathways to Prosperity"
increase in employers creating activities

Identified "targets, trajectories, and timelines"
created a 13 member advisory council
aligned with career pathways structure under other organizations
"incentivize pilot programs"
"how important it is to get career readiness into our high schools"
incentive grant model is being developed for rollout in September

Malone comments he's very impressed with the work being done on this..."cohesive focus...a lot of focus on this" in the Governor's budget

4-6 districts that will be piloting this through the grants received
"How do you grow up by design and not by default"

I should point out that EVERY SINGLE PRESENTATION has felt the need to talk about "shared data" and how it's VITAL in what they're doing. I believe a question has been raised?

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