Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This time for sure: Worcester School Committee meets tomorrow!

The Worcester School Committee has a meeting tomorrow night. You can find the agenda here.
Due to the cancelled meeting on March 7, the entirety of that agenda has been carried forward to this week. We now add to that:

  • reporting out on the Finance and Operations meeting AND the joint meeting, both held on Monday.
  • a couple of additional items filed by members. Mr. Foley's items requesting that the city auditor look at transportation and administrative fees mirrors Councilor O'Brien's of Monday night, which already went off to the auditor. Mr. Monfredo is calling our attention to "Poem in Your Pocket" day on April 11 & 12. We're sending around several congratulations (Go, Cougars!). And Ms. Colorio is requesting that the School Committee be included in "WPS: All" emails, because, oddly enough, we aren't.
7 pm Thursday night at City Hall! 

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