Monday, March 18, 2013

Here's the next MSBA list:

...which we're getting tonight (and then full Committee, and then Council):

For major renovation and rehab:
  • South High
  • Burncoat High
  • Doherty High
For accelerated repair:
  • Worcester East Middle: Windows, Boiler, & Roof note here that WEMS is down to one boiler; if (and when) it fails, they're down to one boiler
  • Columbus Park School: Windows & Boiler
  • Tatnuck Magnet School: Windows
  • Worcester Arts Magnet: Windows
Other things that need to be fixed (but aren't going to MSBA because they don't rise to the ):
•School Safety Equipment
• Heard Street Roof
• Vernon Hill Masonry
• Jacob Hiatt Masonry
• WEMS Boiler Room Repairs*
• Roosevelt School Walk-in Cooler Repairs
• Parent Information Center Boiler
• Underground Storage Tank Removal
• Playgrounds Maintenance & Repair
• Replace All Modular Units
• Univent Repair
• Facilities Equipment for Buildings

"I pretty much guarantee that tomorrow's snowstorm is going to kill our remaining snowplow equipment..." which is on a fifteen year replacement cycle.

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