Monday, March 18, 2013

Finance, facilities, transportation, budgets...tonight!

We have back-to-back-to-back meetings tonight which are of public interest.All are at Nelson Place School
  • at 5:30 this evening, the Building Committee for Nelson Place School will have their first meeting.  I haven't seen an agenda for that.
  • at 6 (or whenever the preceding meeting ends), there will be a joint meeting of the Finance and Operations subcommittee of the School Committee and the Education committee of the City Council. The agenda is fairly vague, but I know that we're getting this FY14 budget presentation (yes, there's more even since last Wednesday!) as well as this presentation on transportation.  
  • at 7 (or whenever the preceding meeting ends), there will be a meeting of the Finance and Operations subcommittee. You can find that agenda here. We have a final resolution to the clothing containers (gone), the Gates Lane parking situation, a windows report, an unemployment report, an answer on renting Yeshiva Academy (no), an answer on early retirement (no), as well as the always interesting quarterly account transfers. Plus, we're voting the Statements of Interest for the Mass School Building Authority
While the last two meetings will be recorded, we cannot broadcast live from Nelson Place, so you'll either have to come or catch it on replay. Liveblog to come! 

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