Monday, March 18, 2013

Finance and Operations...a few items

Clothing bins either have been removed or are being removed.
Gates Lane parking...additional money from city included $14,000 parking across the street, which the city negotiated on our behalf.
Windows...Allen: not the window replacement, just normal operation of windows
$400,000 to replace needed windows
Colorio: a great start...what is the percentage of windows that don't work...should that be prioritized?
Allen: not in category order, just the number of windows not working...may in some cases make sense to replace windows entirely
asks for a more detailed reporting on why we're doing things in what order
Allen: entirely driven by environmental issues...all the schools are all buildings during PCB's likely to be used in building materials
Novick: How are we plugging our non-school buildings into priorities? Don't qualify for MSBA.
Look for security, safety issues. What about ESCo? Could look at that
Unemployment compensation looks just like what we already saw...

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