Thursday, March 21, 2013

All right, that's it!

I've had one too many horror story on MCAS today, so in defense of my own sanity, I am posting here  in full this week's "Test and "Reform" Resistance in the News," courtesy of FairTest:

60% of Adults Who Took RI Grad Test Failed
Honor Roll Student Criticizes State Graduation Test

Seattle Teacher Challenges Michelle Rhee

Denver Students Walk-Out on Standardized Tests; Rally at State Capitol
Colorado Testing Madness Pushes Students Out of Public Schools

Portland, Oregon Students Walkout to Protest Standardized Exams

Anti-Testing Protests Pressure Texas Legislature

Public Forums on Testing Put NY State Ed. Commissioner on the Spot
School Board Blasts Testing Overkill
Why (and How) Parents Should Refuse to Have Their Children Take 
Standardized Tests

Florida Bill Requiring School Districts to Publish Testing Schedules 
Moves Forward

Minnesota Legislature Considers Bill Eliminating Graduation Test Requirement

Overhaul NCLB Now !

Pearson Rakes in the Profits

Common Core Tests Called Excessive
Common Core Testing Requires Computers Schools Cannot Afford

Where Are Progressives in the Fight to Save Public Schools

Teacher Evaluation Funding Follies

Framing a New Narrative About Education

U.S. Style School "Reform" Exported to Mexico

What's Still Missing in U.S. Education and How to Really Out-Educate 
China (satire warning!)

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