Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Congratulations, Ms. Ryan and Mr. Chviruk!

I'm really excited to be going this afternoon to the annual Thomas S. Green Public Service Awards, where two Worcester Public School employees will be honored for their "outstanding public service:"

  • Patty Ryan is an English teacher at Sullivan Middle School in the Goddard Scholars program (in fact, she headed the group that wrote their innovation plan!).
  • Kevin Chviruk is the custodian at West Tatnuck Elementary School (and I will vouch that not only is the place spotless; he is always right there when you need him, usually two steps ahead of you!)
I'm so glad to see front-line people, people directly working with our kids, being honored today. Good stuff!
The ceremony, sponsored by the Research Bureau, starts at five at La Maison Francaise at Assumption College. 

Not sure I'll get a post in from the ceremony, but expect some tweeting

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