Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Let's check those allocation powers again

From today's T&G article on the UMass donation:

The programs (Worcester Public Library and biotech and bioscience programs at Worcester Technical High School) selected by the city manager to receive that money are things that are consistent with the medical school's mission, Dr. Collins said

...which is great, except it's actually North that's the Med school pipeline.

Plus, the City Manager doesn't actually get to allocate funds within the Worcester Public Schools.

(And, no, this wasn't cleared with anyone, elected or appointed, in WPS.)

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CW said...

This was very interesting to read. We're any school officials brought in on the choice of Tech? At least they are thinking about our schools.
This will probably sound like sour grapes, but it would be great to have a community partner step up for the Burncoat Arts Magnet to refurbish the auditorium. It would be nice for the facility to reflect the quality of faculty and students associated with the program! Let's give them something to be proud of without having to wait the decades it will take to get a new school. If the City Manager has not been to a show there, I would suggest inviting him to the musical being put on at the end of the month to see it for himself.