Wednesday, March 6, 2013

From the faculty room... the internet.
I suspect that many of you were informally running "Can you believe this test question?" contests already; now the people at Tested to Despair bring you this year's "Stupid Questions" contest. The categories are:

  • “Piaget” or developmentally inappropriate
  • “Catch 22″ or no right answer
  • “Dealer’s choice” or many right answers
  • “Mobius strip”or based on an unusable or faulty diagram
  • “Gotcha” or unnecessarily tricky
  • “Summer camp” or assumes white middle-class experience
  • “Urban flava” or a painfully awkward attempt to reflect the “experiences” of urban youth
  • “Head scratch” or what the heck are they asking?
  • “Idiotic” or  just plain idiotic
Details on how to enter at the link above!

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