Saturday, April 16, 2011

Worcester Teacher Layoffs: Update as of 4/15

Having just received my weekly packet from the administration, I've got new and somewhat different numbers on layoffs. Here's what I now have:
 The administration is proposing layoffs of:
  • 39 teachers: 27 elementary, 7 special education, and 5 secondary
  • 51 IA's
  • 5 parent liaisons (that's all that we have)
There is also a mention of reducing 12 positions under Finance and Operations (some of this has already started) by consolidating and outsourcing, which is projected to save $345,000.
There is also a "consolidation of administrative positions" but no mention of which or how much it might save.

I'll send out some questions this afternoon to see if I can clear some of this up. Add your questions in the comments or send me an email.


Jim Gonyea said...

Beware outsourcing. You need a solid contract with specific language concerning expectations and service levels. Outsourcers are vendors looking for advantage. They will take advantage. And public service types aren't equipped well to handle it.

Tracy Novick said...

Jim, this is painters, so I think we're probably okay.