Thursday, April 28, 2011

Research specialist

Biancheria "promoting the illusion of funds"
another person at 20 Irving Street
15 different staff members have "data in the name"
"never has there been a shortage of data"
"over a million dollars on data positions"
"obvious and unfortunate"

Monfredo: "appreciate Ms. Biancheria's position"
managing all aspects of the testing program
"making sure that our needs are entering the 21st century"
"let's not tie the hands of our superintendent...when we hired the superintendent, she stated her goals"
"we can certainly vote on this afterwards"
Novick: position came up in December, due to a supplemental being filed by Foley, Mullaney, and myself
assured that the position would not be a PhD and would be in the ballpark of $60,000
filled with all by dissertation and at $85,000
second time that has happened: PD position cut, reinstated with assurance that position would be filled with someone at around $60,000
that person is making over $90,000
both times the committee was concerned enough to question, was given assurances, and those assurances were not fulfilled
little to no confidence in such assurances
Boone: review on positions cut by administration over the past year
"presented to the School Committee that the hire within the district would not come in at $60,000"
Biancheria: staffing history
"the point would's $85,000 of taxpayers' money"
"why are we not utilizing the existing employees?"
"we can't wait one year? we can't wait two years?"
Foley; "we certainly have budget challenges...we hired the superintendent to run the district, we trust her to build her team...putting additional burdens upon us"
management decision to be made
"further savings to be gained" in admin
"we're going to be known as the school district that...the school committee on a whim voting to take his or her job away"
"we have nothing to say about it tonight"
I should point out that there was a quibble here about whether or not the committee could take a roll call vote on this. The committee has no hiring power over this position; the motion by Miss Biancheria would have been pro forma to protest the hiring. There is some question as to whether or not we even really "vote" to file the information regarding a position. I believe, from a conversation after the meeting, that someone is looking into it.

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