Thursday, April 7, 2011

Retirees and health insurance

This one's for you, Joan!
I checked into it, and I have it on the word of the mayor, who spoke to the City Manager, and Worcester retirees will be HELD HARMLESS this year. Retirees may, if they choose, pick one of the lower-cost options (so check out the chart!), but you will not be FORCED into anything this year.

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Neil and Joan said...

Thanks, Tracey. Several other folks have been wondering about this, as well. I will let them know. This is the time of year I do not envy anyone of school committee, or any employee directly involved in preparing the budget. The year I had to tell 25 parent liaisons they no longer had a job, in April 2004, (even though by the end of the school year they had all been offered IA positions at about 75% of their current pay rate), was the worst. I lost a lot of sleep knowing that each of those individuals had families who depended on their salaries and health care benefits. Good luck going through the budget process this year!