Wednesday, April 27, 2011

School Committee public input night!

That's not an actual part of the evening; there are simply several items on the agenda on which I know there will be public comment!
There will be a regularly scheduled meeting of the Worcester School Committee tomorrow, Thursday, night at 7 pm in the Esther Howland Chamber at City Hall. You will find the agenda here.
In addition to the yearly school choice hearing. tomorrow night is the public hearing on the five proposed innovation schools (it's gb #1-113, but expect it to be taken out of order). I'm still happy to loan out my copies of the proposed plans, should anyone need them.
There are also two items on the agenda regarding the proposed layoffs (gb #1-124 and gb #1-134), particularly dealing with special education. I don't know if those will be answered from the floor or if they will be sent to administration for a report back. I do know that parents of special education parents are coming with questions (as, for that matter, are the School Committee members!).
Tomorrow night also has the proposed recess policy up for approval, for which I would not be surprised to see principals and I know we will see parents. We're hearing a great deal about this one.
Also on the agenda:
  • report back from the Teaching, Learning, and Student Supports subcommittee
  • the *held* Testing and Evaluation Specialist position (recall that School Committee is "informed" of hires; the School Committee does not, with limited exceptions, approve them)
  • several grant and donations approvals (including Tornadoes tickets!) 
  • planning ahead for recognizing teachers and nurses in May (query: why is there no "Custodians' Day?) Planning ahead: Teacher Appreciation Week is NEXT week!
  • an item on reviewing the proposed new teacher evaluation method (that one's off to TLSS: keep an eye on that one if it concerns you!)
  • asking for an update on hiring a new assistant city solicitor. There is an assistant solicitor in charge of disciplinary hearings for WPS; with the retirement of John O'Day, that has been handled by Jeff Mulqueen. 
  • asking for an analysis of costs of renovating Burncoat, Doherty, and South (this should sound vaguely familiar if you're a City Council meeting watcher, 'though we remember all our quadrants!) and also for information on state reimbursement (which has changed)
As always, you are most welcome to attend (or can watch on Channel 11 or online), and comments to the School Committee about any of the above are always most welcome!

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