Wednesday, April 13, 2011

House budget info rolling in, now UPDATED with health care

More coming in all the time...House budget fully funds Ch. 70. It uses the same numbers as the Governor's for local aid. It level-funds regional school transportation. It keeps the increase in the special education circuit breaker. It level-funds the kindergarten grant. It also level-funds Head Start grants.

Municipalities must met GIC levels in health insurance, or they must go into the GIC. If through negotiations, municipalities don't match GIC levels of savings, they go GIC.

Premium splits remain determined by collective bargaining; 10% of costs avoided (by changes) returned to employees during year 1 for health care related expenses. (You can find the health insurance language here in Section 46.)
I'll post more as I get it!

You will find the budget here:

And for any still wondering about the utility of social media? The earliest word I had on this came over Facebook from a non-Worcester representative.

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