Monday, April 18, 2011

another school's MCAS scores invalidated

Somehow I'd missed that Blackstone Elementary in Boston had their scores invalidated by the state:

The collective scores for students in Grades 3 to 5 shot up by 21.8 points last spring from 2009 — well above a statewide improvement average of 1.3 points, state officials said.
The rate of students changing answers in their booklets also exceeded statewide averages. Erasures for Blackstone’s third-graders was nearly eight times the state average, while the rate for its fourth- and fifth-graders was more than three times the state average, state officials said.
In most cases, students changed all or nearly all of their answers from wrong ones to correct ones, state officials said.
“We don’t find the results to be credible,’’ said JC Considine, a spokesman for the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
That's two, including Goddard, with Somerset Elementary having their scores investigated due to parent questions.


T-Traveler said...

do you remember this story last winter about Boston's "super-proncipal" Dr, Zrike resigning abruptly and heading to Chicago?

Tracy Novick said...

I did not remember that one.