Thursday, April 7, 2011

Goddard School of Science and Technology

Goddard School
strong culture of shared expectations
"not the typical top-down governance system" (and note that this is the first presentation with more than one speaker)
connection with Promise Neighborhood as well as innovation
"student achievement through innovation"

only 31% of students come to school ready for kindergarten; MCAS growth
66% of students are English language learners
responding thoughtfully in writing and orally;
"a strong and stable neighborhood structure...cradle to career"
"both academically and as healthy community members"
shared governace
new report card/progress report : "specific, family-friendly language"
expansion of health programs, early childhood (asking to add Head Start for 2012-13)
Parent Academy: "to help our families help their children and to help themselves": access to computer lab, helping children at home, early literacy skills
offering language and literacy classes for adults
student participation in progress meetings with parents and teachers
also Goddard is part of the Gates grant for the Literacy Design Collaborative ("a literacy framework")
curriculum (including the Literacy Design Collaborative)
staffing (applicants not just appointed by principal); leadership positions throughly vetted by entire community
shared leadership
policy: changing report card (to include student and family input)
Mulqueen: "learning opportunities for our entire district"

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