Thursday, April 28, 2011

On the special ed aides

...sorry I missed the beginning of this conversation...
51 potential positions lost
now keeping 26 of those positions, due to having enough funding
13 more could come back with the health insurance changes
"even within the inclusion levels, looked at the level and intensity of inclusion at those levels"
"Hopefully the least impact on the special education budget"
"key to promoting effective inclusion in the classroom"
"was concerned we'd see some erosion from inclusion"
core elements: have to be in compliance, have to fulfill the IEPs, IA's have to be in the classroom
"really put those positions to work for us"
the Life Skills program is not moving from Doherty, it's the LD program that's moving
Amy Olaes: son has been in the SAIL program for five years, is now becoming a "regular ed" student
what defines an IA? what in the classroom? what elsewhere?
Boone: looking at staffing in the classroom, general level of need...
"enrollment, what sorts of supports are needed"
"is building-addressed IA? or is assigned to a student?"
Boone: these are not 1-1 or 1-3 across the spectrum to different classrooms
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