Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Innovation School plans: updated

I should point out that the innovation school plans are posted as part of this week's School Committee agenda.In order of attachment, they are:
  1. Chandler Magnet 
  2. Goddard Scholars 
  3. Goddard School
  4. UPCS
  5. Woodland Academy
All are LARGE, so be prepared!

UPDATE: In answer to T's question below: the presentations are tonight. There is a public hearing on the plans at the April 28th School Committee meeting (remember, our schedule gets thrown off this month due to school vacation week). The School Committee votes on the plans on May 5th.


T-Traveler said...

what happens to the plans after the school committee gets them

Tracy Novick said...

Thanks! I was just thinking I should specify that. We've got a month (as does the community) to think on it.