Friday, April 8, 2011

Outfall over Black's resignation

A long article on the front page of the New York Times today on the resignation of Cathie Black as NYC schools chancellor. Also insightful piece on the third term of Bloomberg.
Demonstrating deft political instincts, Dennis Walcott, who is replacing Black, walked his grandson to--public--elementary school this morning.
UPDATE: The UK's Guardian also weighs in.


Jim Gonyea said...

The problem with CEOs running public institutions is that they aren't accustomed to having to deal with public scrutiny. A corporation is a dictatorship and the CEO is not to be questioned. A public position is by definition public and the public gets to weigh in on it. CEOs are accustomed to having to inform and be responsible to the little people. Some have really good political instincts, but most are petty dictators accustomed to squashing dissent. This was an appointed position so she didn't have to develop political skills through an election. Throw in the lack of educational experience and you have disaster written all over it.

Tracy Novick said...

In today's NYTimes, Black compares it to learning Russian over a weekend and then having to give speeches in it...and that's just the education piece.
You're absolutely right, of course. The notion that you actually answer to the public (yes, even the ones publicly moaning over your decisions) is a rather rude awakening for those who haven't done it.