Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chandler Magnet innovation school

Principal Perez is presenting:
dual language pilot in kindergarten and 1st grade, with an addition of a grade per year until 6th grade
plus literacy and language for all

75.9% limited English proficient
stakeholders group generated over the summer
"our strength is really our students"
"our teachers are very, very motivated to make sure this program works"
challenges: comprehension (CPI has gone down, but student growth has gone up)
"for second language learners, being in a dual language program is the best way for a student to become more proficient"
"native English speakers also get a benefit of getting a second language"
Increased literacy, increased language
building connections with families to increase engagement
Worcester State students are doing a library makeover (starting a makeover on April 16): "FAB: Families and Books" for students to take home books from school
"turning an implied challenge into a strength is our innovation"
"opportunities to acquire social language as well as academic language"
ESL class for parents; Spanish for parents (of kids in the dual language program)
beginning in the fall of 2011, 50-50 pure language model (two teachers: one all in English, one all in Spanish)
asking for autonomy in curriculum, professional development, staffing (to commit to the program, Sheltered English Immersion training)

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