Thursday, April 7, 2011

University Park Campus School

We should note that University Park Campus School has often been cited as an already-active innovation school. Their plan acknowledged that, asking that they be granted some of the autonomies to work further.

"we've always seen ourselves as a place that continues to innovate, and always has"
"increase in mental health issues with more referrals"
college persistence and remedial courses
"we're at a neighborhood on the move"
  • "college, career, and civic readiness for all"
  • supporting and embracing the whole child
  • positive and enriching culture for all students
regular parent outreach and communication
teachers at center of decision making process, teachers supported and trusted as professionals
Gateway performances: grade 12 current, adding grades 10 and 8
curriculum: interdisciplinary, gateway projects
cost-neutral control over staffing assignments and budget
schedule: extend day, extend periods (note: all UPCS kids walk, which leaves out transportation concerns)
staffing: site-based oversight (parents, teachers, and students)
distributed leadership, advisory council (including Clark), school choosing principal, enrollment

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