Monday, January 18, 2021

Superintendent Binienda's goals

I realized that in the flurry of, well, everything, I never did a post on Superintendent Binienda's goals for this year. After a lengthy subcommittee discussion, and further editing at the full committee level, they were passed December 17; they can be found online on page 23 here.

They're important to know both because, of course, they're the grounds on which the superintendent is evaluated, but I think also they reflect a number of the concerns that have been forwarded by the community over the past several years. 

Professional Practice Goal:

During the 2020-21 school year, create a school and district community environment that promotes two way communication with families and provide resources for effective student learning and performance.

Student Learning Goal:

Fifty percent of students in grades four, five and six that participated in the Fall start baseline assessment will achieve a student growth percentage of forty or higher by June of 2021.

District Improvement Goal 1:

Increase diversity of new hires to 17% by June 2021 and continue to improve both the recruitment and retention rates. (Strategic Plan Benchmark 2021)

District Improvement Goal 2:

By June 2021, develop an annual budget that is aligned with the Strategic Plan.

District Improvement Goal 3:

Lower the out of school suspension rate by five percent for Special Education Group C students with emotional disabilities through evidence based targeted intervention and resources by June 2021.

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