Tuesday, January 26, 2021

January Board of Ed: update on budgeting matters (offline)

State education finance update (with ongoing thanks to those who respond to my emails)

•Baker files House 1 tomorrow; you already know the admin line is "fully funds year 1 of SOA."
•New ESSER II grants (that's $800M in total to state; $733M to districts directly, based on Title I allocations) will be live to apply for in the next week or so. District by district allocations at link here
Actual quote on that page: "DESE is providing an additional $10,000 to each district for student mental health services and supports." Don't spend that all in one place, folks.
•On the $53M (I thought it was $54M, but whatever) from the state: payments coming in Feb ($25M) and April ($25M) based on state’s allotment schedule. Update on the School Finance page soon.

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