Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Update from Superintendent Boone

Earlier this evening, the School Committee received the following from Superintendent Boone:

The Blizzard of 2015 is holding on and not letting go of its grip!  Our snow plow crew has been working all night and throughout most of the day to keep emergency access open to our schools during the storm. Obviously, this is a very difficult storm to stay ahead of due to the winds creating major drifting of the snow. We are also currently experiencing one of the heavy snow bands that is increasing our snow fall total!
We have been working very closely with the city's Emergency Operations Team and DPW. City Manager Augustus and I have been in regular contact throughout the planning for and now through the storm itself. We supported WTHS as an emergency shelter and  provided a custodian, nutrition helper and nurse onsite. The city closed that school as a shelter at approximately 1:30 pm today.
Due to the ongoing storm and what will be significant cleanup requirements, schools are closed tomorrow for WPS. If the travel ban for Worcester County is lifted by 6:00 am tomorrow morning, DAB will open on a two hour delay. I wanted to be sure that full year employees would have ample time to clear snow to allow them to head to work tomorrow safely and not attempt to rush for early opening.  If the travel ban is not lifted by 6:00 am tomorrow morning, DAB will be closed. This information has been sent out via Connect Ed messaging, provided to TV and print media, posted on Facebook, Twitter and the district's website.(Note: as the travel ban ends at midnight, that means DAB opens on a two hour delay tomorrow.)
I am so appreciative of the efforts by facilities and operations leadership and staff in helping us successfully navigate what will be an historic weather event for our city! Thanks also to City Manager Augustus and all of the city's leadership in what has been great collaboration throughout this storm.
My next update will be sometime tomorrow after the full impact of the storm on the schools has been determined and to provide information on school operating status. Stay safe and warm!

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