Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pilot schools

O'Connell: pilot program in Boston
"looks distinctly like the innovation program we have"
"program in their own neighborhood"
"as we look for ways to encourage students to attend their neighborhood schools"
Petty: superintendent has set out programs
"I just don't understand how this aligns with the goal setting of the Worcester Public Schools," especially as we already don't have enough money
Boston has taken
Novick: request for a roll call
don't know that we encourage families particularly to attend their neighborhood schools
we have innovation schools, supported by the state
this not needed or relevant to Worcester
Boone: schools were established prior to neighborhood schools
Boston is having a difficult time mananging the autonomies particularly with regards to budget
Monfredo: I'm not quite sold on this
go to subcommittee to gather more discussion
Boone: the challenge that is that when something goes to standing committee, ir requires a great deal of commitment from staff
"rather than going off in a direction that has a marginal chance of implementation"
O'Connell: opposition perspective
"do not have require any preparation from administration"
items that don't require any background
concern about deisolation
"this would have been a parallel to that"
Boone; "This is the first time that I have ever heard that administration does not need to prepare...I have repeatedly dealt with School Committee members who felt there was incomplete or late information"
has been the expectation that administration is expected to provide background information for the discussion
Petty: there's a lot of items, they do take it seriously
Motion fails on a 2-4 roll call

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